Who are we

So here’s our story.....1989 we are friends we form a band, we make a noise but start to enjoy the sound we are creating,we learn our instruments, we play live to our friends in our local pub, make a record, do a tour, run out of money

2000 get a job, have children get married quit the band and become normal

2016 .....16years since their last gig, Jason gets drunk reforms the band for one gig

2017 we make a single then a video,

2018 release an album and it all becomes to much, we are all in our late 40s trying to rekindle yesteryear. Sounds familiar? 

2019 and only 2 original members remain, Elton and Jason and new recruit Chris go to Cornwall to record with only a bass line and  vocals for a chorus , we deliver some of our best work yet, we can let society tell us that we are to old to bring out new music that we should form a tribute act and Know where we are on the musical tree or we can say fuck it and do what we love doing and get this band back up and running, so here is the story in 12 months we are gonna recruit a new band, write an album, get it funded, tour all over the uk and stick two fingers up to anyone who says we cannot do it. This is the story of Jason and Elton getting WOUNDEDSPiRiT relevant, follow our story. We will share with you the ups the downs, what has worked and what has not on how we plan to make this album work, getting on radio and using social media, building contacts, using the right producer, distribution, the pitfalls of being an original band and why we do what we do.

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