FOREVERyoung became album of the year at  the BCMAwards and now we plan the follow up, we would love you to support our 2nd album release entitled U ME AND THE OCEAN to be released in November 2020 digitally and on CD  then limited edition blue vinyl released Dec2020

Due to the out break of Covid-19 we have had to dramatically change our release plans.

 Without your support and pre-ordering of FOREVERyoung we could not have got the album made, we are asking for your support again, by pre-ordering the album this will give us the funds to record, market and release the album, once again thank you for your support and thanks for making FOREVERyoung the album it is

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Due to the outbreak of Covid- 19 we have had to change our release plans, due to the recording being completed we have now released the album via digital platforms only, we will release the album on CD and hopefully Vinyl in October 2020 with added bonus tracks, we are very sorry for the delay and hope you understand, anybody who pre-orders will receive a digital download of the album.


All orders will be fulfilled, once we have a new release date will let you know.

By  pre-ordering the album in advance how does this help the band?

All purchases go 100% towards recording, manufacturing and marketing costs, the band take no money for themselves. The band have no record label behind them and run the band themselves.

When will i get my purchase?

The album release date will be October2020 on CD and hopefully Vinyl and digitally April 2020, you will receive your purchase 2-3 days before release?

Why has the album been delayed?

Due tot he outbreak of Covid-19 this has had a massive impact financially with regards to promoting the album through playing Live, radio interviews,  record stores and much more. Band photos and artwork had to cancelled and also the album launch gig which we had already invested money into has now been put back, its a difficult time for people in the music industry at all levels, we ask that you stay patient with us and we will deliver and we will all come through together.

Why are they not using well know crowdfunding sites?

By using the bands very own website they keep 100% of the purchase, if they did through a third party site they would have to pay a commission, the band need very penny to get this album recorded?

How much does it cost to make an album?

 It depends on the artist the budget and lots of other variables, to deliver  an album to the same quality as FOREVERyoung, which includes recording costs, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, videos we are talking above 5k.

What do the band contribute?

The band all make a cash contribution plus take time from work to get this album made, they wont give in.

How have they worked out postage costs?

The band have had the similar products weighed at the Royal Mail and added on packaging and by sending 2nd class this is the best value option.